About Us

Winvesti is a Fintech start up focusing on asset & wealth management based at Bogazici University, Istanbul whose clients are portfolio management companies, family offices, corporate and qualified investors. Our mission is to deliver superior investment performances by generating smart betas & alphas and absolute returns. Most importantly, we conduct our business with the highest integrity.

We believe markets are not fully efficient and investors are not totally rational. We seek to remove emotions from investing because when emotions are removed, we are better able to harness price distortions and mitigate cognitive errors. As a solution these issues, we develop fund management algorithms at capital markets which are algorithmically trading without any emotional bias or human error.

At the heart of our investment approach, we have an emphasis on creating sustainable value. We have the ability to deliver the highest returns through practicing high standards of governance and operational know-how.

Winvesti team use quantitative data analysis, statistical modeling and machine learning - artificial intelligence solutions on the big data for capital markets and offer higher returns for investors. We use comprehensive risk analysis on our portfolios with the aim of minimizing drawdowns. After successfully conducting research and development of each high technology capital markets instrument, we analyze our clients’ risk profiles and goals. In this way, we are able to offer unique and optimum asset allocation solutions to achieve their goals. Our relationship with portfolio management companies, family offices, corporate and qualified investors is based on exclusive software as a service relationship.